One More Experiment . . .

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Just testing out how to do a screen capture . . . bear with with me as I’ve never done this before.  Might make a few boo-boos.

Well, how does it look?


The Experiment Ends

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So this blog has died and passes into the nether regions of cyberspace.  There’s just too much on my plate (what with two other knitting blogs to worry about).  To read about my most recent knitting (and crochet) adventures, check out:

Someday I may return.  Until then, happy crafting. 🙂

Blue-Green Loveliness

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Thought I’d share the progress of my blue-green loveliness:

Fern Lace Scarf

Isn’t it pretty?  Reminds me of blue-green waves crashing on the sandy beaches of some tropical location–very peaceful and soothing.


Just Reward

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My needles clicked busily all weekend so that my fishtail scarf and fingerless gloves are now finished.  Yes, they need some finishing work: all the ends need to darned in and the scarf needs a good blocking.  But the knitting part is done.  Only one gift left to finish and that would be the fern and waves scarf (and that’s about half done).

To reward all my hard work, I cast on a project for me.  Finally!  I’m making Fern Lace Scarf in a worsted weight silk-merino-alpaca blend that looks quite yummy and feels super soft.

Beginnings of a Scarf

Lest We Forget

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Never Forget

 This day always makes me think about all those soliders who fought for the freedoms we now enjoy.  Lest we never forget the sacrifices of our veterans (or of those currently serving), please pause at 11:00AM for two minutes and remember . . .


What’s on the Needles?

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I don’t think I’ve posted my current WIPs.  There are a few Christmas items: fingerless gloves (half done); fishtail lace scarf (almost done); fern and waves lace scarf (half done); 2 baby cardigans, one for a boy and one for a girl (both of which need finishing) and miscellaneous hats that need finishing.


Fingerless Gloves


Fishtail Lace Scarf


Fern & Waves Scarf


Baby Sophisticate Cardigan


Eyelet Yoke Cardigan

I started way back in August ‘cuz I’m a slooooow knitter.  Gradually I’ve been working through my project list.  As December approaches, I’m knitting in earnest to finish all the gifts on time. 

What are you making for Christmas?

Happy Halloween!

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Pumpkin Friends :O

Happy Halloween!  Here’s hoping your day–and night–is filled with Halloween-y goodness.  Don’t eat too many treats and enjoy the time with your little pumpkins.